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Fast-track car valet and detailing for those who respect value and time

Welcome to the new era of car valeting and detailing in Ireland.
Here, you will discover the fastest and easiest way to browse quality services nationwide and instantly book your preferred service, location and time.
Here, you control what, where, when and with whom to book. Why not take full advantage of it?
A pretty business woman browsing car wash, valeting, and detailing services in Ireland on her smartphone | Car Valet Hero
The map shows our current coverage:
The map below shows our current coverage:
  • Tap a map hotspot to quick-view the locations.
  • Tap the location name to visit its details page, or tap the hot spot again to close it.
Car Valet Hero locations map Ireland
Co. Kildare:

Beyond the existing car valet and detailing limits

Large choice of quality services

Top experts

Exceptional customer service

24/7 access

Simple and convenient

On-demand and contract valeting

Invite your favourite provider to join
Invite your favourite valeting centre to join Car Valet Hero and use our cutting-edge technology, experience and support to serve you in a better way.
Or let us know who they are, and we’ll invite them personally.

Easily Book Valeting & Detailing Services Online.

Hi, and welcome to Car Valet Hero!
In the video above, we show you how to book our valeting and detailing services within seconds. It is a simple and reliable online booking process, and you’ll love it.
When you visit our website’s Home or Services page, you will see buttons pointing you to the desired location or service booking page.
The booking page is also accessible via the Appointment link on our Google profile.
To begin a booking, please tap on Book Now button on the booking page, and the services details will appear on the screen. You can expand each section and go through the details until you choose a service. Then, tap on the right-hand side blue arrow to go to the next step.
The time availability table will appear on the next screen. Note that some services may require a deposit paid during the booking, and we hope you are ok with that.
You can select from multiple date and time options. Certain dates and times may be unavailable depending on the chosen service duration and booked out time slots.
The Map link in the Address line just above the date choice tab will show you the center’s exact location.
If you can’t find a suitable time slot, please contact us for assistance.
Once you are happy with your date and time choice, please proceed by tapping the Continue button on the popup. The Customer and vehicle details step is next.
You will notice that some of the fields are mandatory others aren’t. Providing us with more details will let us prepare better for your visit.
If you are unsure about the service, date and time choice, you can still change the selections by tapping the Change Selection link in the top right corner.
Otherwise, please fill out the details, agree to our Terms of Service and double-check before submitting the booking.
Once you are happy that your choice and details are correct, please submit the booking by tapping Next.
The next screen will indicate the booking confirmation, and you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox almost instantly. You will also receive two email reminders 24 hours and 1 hour before the appointment.
Your data is processed and stored according to our Privacy Policy.
If the confirmation email hasn’t arrived after a while, please check your Spam folder and mark our emails as trusted. If it isn’t there, you may want to contact us. Don’t worry anyway. Your submission is in our database, and the requested service will run on schedule.
We may follow up to ensure all the provided information is accurate.
If you want to alter your appointment at a later stage, you can use the Rescheduling/Cancelling link in the confirmation and reminder emails. Please note each location has its own rescheduling/cancellation policy.
You will have to contact us if the notice period is too short. Late rescheduling-cancellation fees may apply. You can read more about service policies at www.carvalethero.ie/services, in each listing’s Rescheduling/Cancellation policy section.
Thank you for taking the time to go through this tutorial. We hope that this information was helpful and we’ll see you soon in our centers.
If you need more information or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us any time during work hours.
Our Contacts:
Phone: 085-759-2684
Email: hello@carvalethero.ie
Live Chat: Help center
Or via WhatsApp and Messenger
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😃 Hey, surprise the people you care about with a great, practical gift: a voucher for premium car valet and details. Simply tap the button below or visit the Gift Vouchers page later.
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Please include the valet centre’s location in your enquiry.