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You can spend your Car Valet Hero gift voucher on premium car valet and detailing services from top providers in multiple convenient locations right away.

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Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions

Last updated on November 10th, 2023
This policy may undergo revisions. Please familiarise yourself with the updated version before purchase or booking.

Thank you for considering professional Car Valet and Detailing services as a gift possibility!

Please read these terms and conditions carefully so you can purchase our gift vouchers confidently. Our terms and conditions are simple and fully transparent.
“Car Valet Hero” gift vouchers have 5 (five) years of validity from the date of purchase. You can purchase them free of extra charges and carry over 100% of their value against products and services at the “Car Valet Hero” web platform or partnering service centres, subject to availability at the date of the planned use of the voucher.
Services, products and locations available at the voucher purchase date might not be available at a later stage. We keep the right to change availability over time as we deem necessary without prior notice.
A 14-day cool-off period, in case the voucher is un-redeemed (neither partly or fully), allows the purchaser to return the voucher and get an 85% refund. The 15% difference covers the purchase and return transaction fees and the gift-voucher service maintenance costs not included in our regular service and product prices. The return request voids the voucher immediately, and the refund commences within 5 (five) business days to the payment account used for the purchase.
To initiate a return as the purchaser, please Email us your purchase details. Our team will contact you within 1 (one) business day to verify the details and arrange the refund.

How to purchase

The voucher purchaser can enter the value manually, which value will go against full or partial payments of services and goods by the recipient.
The purchased gift vouchers are available in 2 forms:
  • printer-friendly digital copy, sent to an email specified by the purchaser
  • hard paper copy, posted with registered post to a physical address specified by the purchaser (a €10 postage fee applies on check-out)
Please access the Gift Vouchers page here (opens in a new tab).

Terms of use

Service range and quality may vary from location to location, and the voucher recipient acknowledges their responsibility to perform due diligence and decide on the best option for them. Please tap here to access our up-to-date operating Locations (opens in a new tab) and here for all available Services (opens in a new tab).
Gift vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be duplicated if lost or stolen (regardless of electronic or printed copies), so please make sure to purchase them wisely and store them safely. In the case of a loss, a new replacement voucher can be issued at an 85% rate of the current voucher balance and emailed or posted to the claiming purchaser/recipient within 3 (three) business days (delivery may take 1-3 days on its own, depending on the post service provider, and we disclaim liability for delays caused by the post services). The replacement request voids the old voucher immediately.
While we take every measure to ensure accuracy and flawless services and protect your asset, we are not accountable for gift vouchers sent to the wrong email or physical address or redeemed by non-authorised persons emanating from the purchaser’s/recipient’s omissions or negligence.
For voucher verification and fraud prevention, A VALID GIFT VOUCHER CODE (present on the gift voucher itself) MUST BE PROVIDED AT BOOKING regardless of whether booking via phone, online or other booking means. Car Valet Hero and our partners may refuse to accept a voucher on the spot if the intent for use was undisclosed and a valid code was not provided during booking. If necessary, we may contact the voucher purchaser or recipient on file to verify a purchase or booking.
Please bear in mind that some services require a deposit, which will be deducted from the gift voucher balance during the booking stage and carried against the requested services’ total price. Services requiring a deposit provide explicit rescheduling/cancelling and refund policies that apply to all payment types, including gift vouchers.
When booking, you need to have your gift voucher code handy (located above the barcode). When booking on our website, please make sure to use the “Redeem Gift Voucher” button on the preferred service’s or location’s page to avoid a regular deposit charge. Providing invalid gift voucher code will lead to your booking declined.
The voucher’s use or intent to use for products and services, counting from the verbal or written disclosure of the gift voucher code to our teams, waives the purchaser’s 14-day cool-off period.
After the first service or product order, a gift voucher recipient may exchange the remaining value for its monetary or new gift voucher equivalent, given the ordered products or services cover at least 50% of the total gift voucher value. We allow an exchange of the remainder, subject to our approval, reduced by a 15% charge for transaction fees and the gift-voucher-service maintenance costs ordinarily not included in our regular service and product prices.
The exchange commences within five business days of the request date. If you want to exchange the voucher’s value remainder, please Email us, providing your name and contact details, and we will get in touch within 1 (one) business day to arrange the exchange.
Example: Susan received a €200 gift voucher and decided to avail of a full valet that costs €130. She wanted to exchange the remaining gift voucher value for cash or receive another voucher. The expected exchange value is €70, reduced by a 15% charge. Susan expressed her desire and cashed or received a new voucher for €59.50 within 5 (five) business days after the chosen service commenced. (€70 – 15/100 x 70 = €59.50)
The Premium Car Valet & Detailing Services voucher is a perfect gift for any occasion when purchased and redeemed for its purpose.
For more information about anything voucher-related, please reach us at support@carvalethero.ie or +353 85 759 2684. Thank you!
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Redeem Car Valet Hero gift voucher
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