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Provider reliability standards

In addition to behaving in accordance with our Community Standards, which apply to all members, Provider Services must meet the following standards:

  • Provider commitment
  • Location suitability and safety
  • Listing accuracy
  • Provider communication

Our goal is to ensure that these standards are clear and that our enforcement is proportionate to the severity and persistence of the violation.

Car Valet Hero’s Provider standards for service

Provider commitment

Customers’ experiences on Car Valet Hero start at the minute of booking. Providers who commit to appointments are expected to uphold those appointments to the best of their abilities in order to help ensure customers can book services with confidence. Provider cancellations greatly inconvenience customers, and the closer a cancellation occurs to the book-in date, the greater an implication it has on customers’ ability to schedule the desired date and time with someone else.

  • Cancellations: Providers should not cancel accepted reservations unless there are extenuating circumstances or indicators that a customer may violate an enforceable rule or Car Valet Hero policy. If a cancellation is unavoidable, Providers should do their best to cancel with as much lead time as possible and contact Car Valet Hero if they need assistance.
  • Show-up: Providers should ensure that their customers have the information needed to find and access the location (e.g. correct directions, up-to-date contact details, etc.).

Location suitability and safety

To feel truly in the right place, customers expect an orderly and safe location. Providing services at unclean, messy and hazardous places is not only detrimental to customers’ experiences; it could also pose health risks to customers and their companions. In the interest of customers’ safety, satisfaction, and comfort, Car Valet Hero requires that all Providers provide services at premises that meet a minimum standard of cleanliness and safety and will support customers who have checked into locations that fall below that standard. Locations should be tidy and hazard-free (e.g. no rubbish, equipment and their attachments and chemical spillages covering the floor or obstructing passages).

Listing accuracy

Providers have full autonomy over their listings’ categorisations and features as well as over the bolt-ons they would like to offer to customers. When Providers fail to uphold their promised listing commitments, it may harm customers’ experiences and trust in Car Valet Hero. Therefore, Car Valet Hero requires that all listing categorisations, features, and bolt-ons detailed on the listing page at the time of booking accurately reflect the categorisations, features, and bolt-ons present and available at the time of service.

  • Booking details: Providers should only change the parameters of an accepted booking with customer consent (e.g. adjust the dates, price, etc.).
  • Location: The location information should be accurate.
  • Service operations, features and bolt-ons: The service operations, features and bolt-ons should accurately reflect the actual ones (e.g. not advertise an operation, feature or bolt-on that has been discontinued).

Provider communication

We expect that Providers or co-Providers have up-to-date contact information and are available to respond to customer enquiries that may arise before the visit.

  • Answering questions: Providers should be responsive and willing to answer questions and help resolve issues arising from the Provider’s violation of standards and policies on the spot.
  • Resolving problems: Providers should be responsive and willing to make resolution efforts or abide by remediation requirements from Car Valet Hero for Provider’s violation of standards and policies.

Reporting a violation

If you are a customer who is dealing with a violation of these providing standards during your services, we ask that you:

  • Communicate with your Provider – they’re in the best position to ensure a quick resolution.
  • Document the issue through Car Valet Hero message thread correspondence, photos, etc.
  • Familiarise yourself with the requirements of our Customer Refund Policy.
  • Report any issues directly by contacting us.
  • Leave an honest review with feedback so that the Provider can improve for future customers.

Holding Providers to these standards

Providers who cancel reservations without an extenuating circumstance or indicators that a customer may violate an enforceable rule or Car Valet Hero policy will face cancellation penalties on their account.

Car Valet Hero reviews each reported violation of these Provider standards and determines whether a violation has occurred. Depending on the severity of the violation, Car Valet Hero may refund a customer from a Provider’s payout and/or suspend a listing until the Provider performs remedial actions. For instance:

  • In cases of hazard reports, Car Valet Hero may suspend listings until Providers can prove that the hazard has been eliminated and ensure that future customers will not be affected.
  • In cases of misclassifications, Car Valet Hero may suspend listings until Providers can confirm they have either corrected their listing details.

A reported violation of any of these standards is considered alongside past violations, which informs the enforcement decisions made by Car Valet Hero. Reports are reviewed on both the severity and frequency of violations.

Based on this review, a Provider may face removal of payouts and/or listing suspension, and potentially permanent removal of their listings or accounts.

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