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Make and manage an online booking on the go

24/7 accessible car wash, valeting and detailing service-booking platform developed with customer ease in mind

Car Valet Hero provides information about the car wash, valeting and detailing services in Ireland and instant-booking availability 24/7.

We built the platform with customer convenience in mind. You can confidently schedule any service, knowing your details are processed and stored safely, and the booked service will occur.

Scheduling an appointment has never been easier before. Browse and filter services and providers and access the booking links through the Services and Locations pages.

When you make a choice, you can click the booking button. A booking form will open next and prompt you to mark the preferred service, date and time and input your contact and vehicle details. The service listing contains details of the applicable price, discount, features, booking type, deposit, rescheduling and cancellation policy.

Note! Please, double-check the contact details used to create the appointment to avoid communication disruption. A typo could send the confirmation and reminders to the wrong person and email. Even if you make a typo, we have your back covered. Your booking will reflect in the provider’s calendar, and the service will run on schedule.

You can reschedule or cancel an appointment later from the links in the confirmation and reminder emails. Remember, your action could be subject to the relevant provider policies.

If you believe you made a typo or a confirmation email didn’t arrive, please, reach the provider directly to reaffirm the appointment. Contact us for assistance if you can’t get them.

We know many are busy during the day, and remember their cars need refreshment when they return home in the evening. Yes, you missed the chance to ring the service provider, but you shouldn’t worry about it. You can book a car wash, valet or detailing anytime after dinner.

That’s where Car Valet Hero comes in handy. While most service providers are limited in responding to texts and phone calls during the day due to the nature of work, you can seamlessly secure a slot in their appointment calendars.

What you can expect after finalising a booking

Depending on the type of booking – direct or with approval – after clicking the submit button, you will see a confirmation of your appointment or a notice that your service request is awaiting approval by the provider. You will get a confirmation email containing the appointment details.

Rescheduling and cancellation links will be inside if you want to rearrange your appointment. Later, you will receive a couple of reminders in your inbox.

Regarding direct bookings, please, check your Junk/Spam folder if you didn’t receive a confirmation email. Please, allow a few minutes before contacting us if it isn’t there. The reason could be a typo during the details input.

For bookings with approval, the confirmation email will arrive when your chosen provider confirms the booking. If the appointment is coming up and you worry you still haven’t got a confirmation, please, try to contact the provider using the contacts in their listing. The reason could be a typo in the details.

If they don’t respond, contact us through our public channels, and we’ll do our best to offer you an equal or better service option.

On certain occasions, providers might follow up to ensure they got your service request and details right.

If you need more information or assistance, feel free to contact us via the Help Center options.

Thank you for the trust you place in us.

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😃 Hey, surprise the people you care about with a great, practical gift: a voucher for premium car valet and details. Simply tap the button below or visit the Gift Vouchers page later.
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Please include the valet centre’s location in your enquiry.